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Open Broadcaster Software is free and open source software for video recording and live streaming.

Source Files

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_service 521 Bytes 5 days ago Download File
_servicedata 221 Bytes 5 days ago Download File
obs-studio-20.1.0.tar.xz 7.08 MB 5 days ago
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Latest Revision

boombatower boombatower accepted request 4015 5 days ago (revision 50)
- Update to version 20.1.0:
  * libobs/util: Fix *nix CPU core counts
  * libobs: Log *nix system info more like Windows/Mac
  * libobs: Fix XCB keyboard mapping size calculation
  * linux-capture: Watch for VisibilityNotify events
  * libobs: Fix a potential divide by zero crash
  * UI: Allow volume peak to be customized via .qss
  * UI: Fix parent window geometry loading
  * Build with CEF 3112 on OSX
  * obs-browser: version 1.30.1
  * rtmp-services: Update ingest list for Restream.io
  * obs-outputs: Enable FTL logging and reduce verbosity
  * obs-outputs: Fix invalid stream key error
  * rtmp-services: Add new twitch ingest servers
  * obs-outputs: Improve new netcode if encoder reports 0 bitrate
  * rtmp-services: Fixing misspell in a country name
  * vlc-source: Add media control hotkeys
  * rtmp-services: Update ingest list for Restream.io
  * rtmp-services: Add looch.tv streaming platform
  * libobs/util: Add memory usage functions
  * UI: Add memory usage to Stats window on linux/mac
  * libobs: Add Pulseaudio audio monitoring support
  * UI: Enable audio monitoring on linux if pulse available
  * linux-pulseaudio: Use actual sink device names
  * libobs: Fix texture_ready feedback for CPU conversion path
  * libobs: Fix I420 shader for (width/2)%4 == 2 resolutions
  * libobs: Add private settings to scene items/sources
  * UI: Allow right-clicking mixer sources to bring up menu
  * UI: Allow hiding/unhiding sources in the mixer
  * UI: Add missing option to context menu

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