File bomi.changes of Package bomi

Thu Sep  3 09:09:09 UTC 2020 -

- ExclusiveArch x86_64

Fri May  4 14:03:47 UTC 2018 -

- Use ffmpeg3 versions of pkgconfig(libav*)

Wed Jan 31 10:42:14 UTC 2018 -

- Adjust usage of gccN-c++ for Leap42 and SLE12

Tue Jun  6 17:34:10 UTC 2017 -

- Adjust usage of gccN-c++ for Leap42 and SLE12

Sat Feb 11 07:02:55 UTC 2017 -

- Remove timestamp from binaries with bomi-builddate.patch

Fri Jan 20 10:34:43 UTC 2017 -

- Add dummy to pull in

Fri Jan 20 08:54:49 UTC 2017 -

- Require libqt5-qtquickcontrols to get "QtQuick.Controls.Styles"

Wed Jan 18 11:29:36 UTC 2017 -

- Use gcc5 in SLE_12

Wed Jun 29 14:45:06 UTC 2016 -

- Add bomi-mpv-ffmpeg-3.0.patch: fix MPV build with FFmpeg 3.0.
- Unforce FFmpeg 2.8.

Sat Jun 25 15:01:14 UTC 2016 -

- Update bomi-compilation-fix.patch.

Wed Feb 17 08:59:14 UTC 2016 -

- Force ffmpeg 2.8.

Thu Nov 12 14:58:03 UTC 2015 -

- Fixed Leap 42.x build.

Fri Jul  3 07:01:43 UTC 2015 -

- Use g++ for openSUSE later than 13.2.

Thu May 21 16:25:32 UTC 2015 -

- Update to 0.9.11:
  * New: save button for log viewer.
  * New: dynamic range option for volume and use exponential scale by default.
  * Fix: backport fix for wasting CPU.
  * Fix: workaround for weird behavior of mouse event.
  * Fix: add 'Ignore' for FPS in youtube-dl options.
  * Fix: parse \N and \h properly for .srt.
  * Fix: compile error if vdpau or vaapi are disabled.
  * Fix: make URL edit get focus when URL dialog open.
  * Fix: ignore SIGPIPE to prevent termination on reconnection for streaming.
  * Fix: wrong icon of play/pause button for metro skin.
  * Fix: enforce to update video renderer when window gets visible.
  * Fix: ignore invalid URL for mime data.
  * Fix: albumart image for mpris wasn't exported properly.

Sat May  2 17:12:54 UTC 2015 -

- Update to 0.9.10:
  * New: 'Open > From Clipboard' to open URL from clipboard data.
  * New: 'Play > Streaming' Format to select YouTube format.
  * New: options to select default format for youtube-dl script.
  * New: option to save persitent data in application folder.
  * New: crop functionality for video clip maker.
  * New: options to configure preview size in Theme tab in
  * New: add playlist name filter for open/append file menus.
  * New: handle cue sheet as playlist.
  * Fix: prefer webm & small resolution format for preview.
  * Fix: YouTube Live streaming didn't work.
  * Fix: turn on OpenGL debugger when --debug option given.
  * Fix: don't blend subtitle FBO when no subtitle exist.
  * Fix: render video frame in scene graph thread.
  * Fix: apply color matrix only if required.
  * Fix: fps spin box wasn't enabled for Constant framerate.
  * Fix: use original size FBO for bilinear scaler.
  * Fix: codec options in video clip maker were not saved
  * Fix: wrong termination of yle-dl before end of playback.
  * Fix: disable resuming playbak/preview for yle-dl streaming.
  * Fix: 'Video > Crop' was broken.
  * Fix: some color picker buttons had wrong size in preferences
  * Fix: video preview was broken for disc playback.
  * Fix: wrong name filter for playlist file.
  * Fix: support fine-resolution wheels or touchpad.
  * Fix: add extensions .ape, .it, .xm for audio files.
  * Fix: add missing '.mod' extension for audio files.
  * Fix: 'pause when hidden' was always applied all files.
  * Fix: set maximum duration for animtion to show current playing
    item in playlist.
- Remove waf source: bundled upstream.

Sun Apr 26 08:43:23 UTC 2015 -

- Update to 0.9.9:
  * New: Play > Seek > Previous Playback (#134)
  * Fix: duplicated internal subtitle handling causes high CPU usage.
  * Fix: crop paddings added by VDPAU for non-standard res. videos.
  * Fix: Start/End time filters in subtitle viewer didn't follow
    system palette.
  * Fix: seeking in subtitle viewer was broken when captions are
  * Fix: 'Scroll to current time' in subtitle viewer was broken.
  * Fix: wrong intial state for 'Show start/end time' in
    Subtitle Viewer.
  * Fix: adjust column widths for Start and End automatically in
    Subtitle Viewer.
  * Fix: wrong time text width for native skin.

Sat Apr 25 14:31:24 UTC 2015 -

- Update to 0.9.8:
  * New: Video > Quality Preset.
  * New: Video > Rotate.
  * New: Video > Interpolator (Downscale).
  * New: Video > Make Vide Clip.
  * Fix: wrong bitrate values for decoder.
  * Fix: wrong window size hint when aspect ratio adjusted.
  * Fix: display proper duration for DASH formats from YouTube.
  * Fix: deadlock on execution when 'Unmute when volume adjusted'
  * Fix: keep session connected with
  * Fix: send mpris:artUrl metadata for MPRIS.

Sun Apr 19 14:12:32 UTC 2015 -

- Update to 0.9.7:
  * New: cache file related options in cache tab of preferences.
  * New: implement display of cached state in demuxer in seek bar.
  * New: internal title bar for frameless mode.
  * New: visualization for audio.
  * New: --set-subtitle option for command line to set subtitle
  * New: show history/playlist by clicking left/right edge.
  * New: new option to unmute when volume adjusted.
  * New: compact mode for Tethys skin.
  * New: hide history/playlist by clicking empty space.
  * New: skin 'metro' – Windows Modern UI style.
  * New: Enter Fullscreen/Exit Fullscreen menu.
  * Mod: use soft clipping by default.
  * Fix: fit window size to rendering size when using window size
  * Fix: wrong calculation of texture coordinate for video frame.
  * Fix: prevent too high amplification by normalizer on start of
  * Fix: don't reset normalizer history on seeking.
  * Fix: set page step of radius slider to 1 in advanced
    interpolation dialog.
  * Fix: wrong path for open file from command line when launched
    bomi not in PATH.
  * Fix: don't hide history/playlist while scrollbar pressed.
  * Fix: reduce delay for initial display of Preferences dialog
  * Fix: checking GL_RGBA16 for FBO texture format did not work.
  * Fix: reduce width of playlist to fit to item name not location.
  * Fix: do not disturb playback on loading skin.
  * Fix: hide controls when cursor is located in history/playlist.
  * Fix: adjust y-position of preview automatically.
  * Fix: raise z-order of TimeSlider to prevent preview bein.
  * Fix: metadata wasn't exposured to MPRIS.
  * Fix: don't display preview when video is not available.

Sun Apr 12 21:23:12 UTC 2015 -

- Update to 0.9.6:
  * New: file name template for quick snapshot.
  * New: 'Append Folder' for playlist.
  * New: 'Open Folder' can open subfolders recursively.
  * New: new default skin 'Tethys' designed by Kotus Works.
  * New: 'Find by Name' and 'Find by Info' for find subtitles.
  * New: starmark to indicate favorite/persistent item for history.
  * New: 'Tool > Playlist > Regenerate' menu to regerate playlist.
  * New: make TimeDuration interactive to display msec/remaining
  * New: 'Freya' skin by varlesh.
  * New: 'Prefer external files to interanl tracks' option for
    subtitle autoselction.
  * New: options to show media title in name column of history.
  * New: 'Show preview when mouse over seek bar' option in
  * New: 'Ask video quality' option for youtube-dl streaming in
  * New: 'Show hidden controls whenever mouse moved' option in
  * New: 'Video > Texture Format'.
  * Mod: don't display zero hours(0:) in time texts.
  * Mod: refine history/playlist design by Kotus Works.
  * Fix: prompt message box when clearing history.
  * Fix: failed to resolve skin path when launched in remote path.
  * Fix: keep snapped state on edge on window size set by menu.
  * Fix: don't resync on playback speed changed.
  * Fix: channel manipulation options weren't restored.
  * Fix: wrong volume value for MPRIS v2 interface.
  * Fix: embedded albumart wasn't displayed on initail playback.
  * Fix: display album art as 'Album Art' instead of 'Video Track'.
  * Fix: audio file with albumart was recognized as video (#283).
  * Fix: use GL_RGBA16 for fbo if supported by default.
  * Fix: enable 'High Quality Upscaling' only if GL_RGBA16 fbo
  * Fix: unsigned 8bit integer format for audio was disabled.
  * Fix: alert if snapshot file is not wriable instead of silent
  * Fix: sort playlist by full path not file name.
  * Fix: wrong restoration for position of floating panel in skin.

Thu Mar 26 23:21:43 UTC 2015 -

- Update to 0.9.5 (changes since 0.9.3):
  * New: support millisecond precision for timeout to hide cursor.
  * New: make windows size menus configurable.
  * New: configure options --disable-vaapi, --disable-vdpau.
  * New: improve audio volume normalizer.
  * New: support some non-standard m3u playlist.
  * New: restore previous window size for initial fullscreen state.
  * New: selections for methods to disable screensaver.
  * New: split overriding choices for ASS style into text
  * Mod: drop mpg123 decoder.
  * Mod: drop ICU dependency.
  * Fix: Ok/Apply button wasn't enabled when channel manipulation
    changed into default.
  * Fix: some controls in 'Mouse cursor' group was always disabled.
  * Fix: reduce file size of pref.json.
  * Fix: don't hide floating controls while mouse hovering.
  * Fix: tempo scaler was always turned on.
  * Fix: media name in extended m3u wasn't displayed.
  * Fix: wrong track name display in on-screen message.
  * Fix: display track number when track title and language are
  * Fix: subtitle downloader always indicated 50% after
    downloading is done.
  * Fix: remove duplicated encodings.
  * Fix: determine playlist from URL by mime type.
  * Fix: volume slider of GaN skin didn't show the volume level.
  * Fix: 'Select Next' for sub track didn't work properly.
  * Fix: wrong video coordinate on toggling 'Window > Remove Frame'.
  * Fix: remove margin around internal subtitle.
  * Fix: ensure internal widget fit to window on initialization.
  * Fix: save snapshot in separated thread to prevent interface
  * Fix: snapshot without subtitle didn't work.
  * Fix: set LC_MESSAGES=C instead of LANG to test qmake/lrelease
- Add bomi-compilation-fix.patch

Sat Mar  7 09:02:12 UTC 2015 -

- Update to 0.9.3:
  * New: display used encoding for subtitle file track in playinfo.
  * New: '--dump-api-tree' and '--dump-action-list' command line
  * New: JSON-RPC interface.
  * New: current deinterlacing method in playinfo.
  * New: options to set general font and fixed-width font.
  * New: 'Window > Remove Frame' for frameless(borderless) window.
  * New: 'Subtitle > Subtitle Sync > Bring Previous/Next Subtitle'
  * New: allow to map actions for left/right button click.
  * New: ask username and password on permission denied for smb://.
  * New: 'Subtitle > Subtitle Scale' menu to adjust font scale
    during playback.
  * New: 'Subtitle > Override ASS Style' menu.
  * New: options to specify authentication info for samba.
  * New: configurable step for 'move screen position'.
  * New: 'Video > Zoom' menu.
  * New: colour adjustment for RGB channel.
  * New: video colour editor dialog.
  * New: new skin 'air.'
  * New: 'Est. Frame Number' item in playback information.
  * New: aspect ratio is adjustable now.
  * New: enable smbclient support(smb:// protocol).
  * New: caption filter in subtitle viewer.
  * New: checkbox to display time in milliseconds.
  * New: language filter list for subtitle find dialog.
  * New: reconstruct encoding list.
  * New: reload file with specific encoding.
  * New: seek by double clicking caption in subtitle viewer.
  * New: accept non-media type URL by drag-and-drop.
  * Mod: don't capitalize items in playinfo.
  * Mod: drop LinearBlend and Median deinterlacer.
  * Mod: drop libpostproc dependency.
  * Mod: drop external command support to disable screensaver.
  * Fix: prefer cp1250 to iso-8859-2 for autodetection.
  * Fix: deselecting internal subtitle didn't work.
  * Fix: wrong H/W Acc. state in playinfo.
  * Fix: request _NET_WM_MOVERESIZE to window manager for
  * Fix: unset pressed button on button released.
  * Fix: display all selected subtitles in playinfo.
  * Fix: Bob/LinearBob/CubicBob supports all pixel format now.
  * Fix: top and bottom pixels was blinking with
  * Fix: subtitle position menu worked in opposite way.
  * Fix: subtitle alignment wasn't kept after position changed.
  * Fix: rename Input/Output/Renderer -> Decoder/Filter/Output.
  * Fix: display package-bitrate for decoder input in playinfo.
  * Fix: synchronize display order of menu in preference with
    context menu.
  * Fix: don't display logo during changing current media.
  * Fix: don't display property OSD on intialization of new
  * Fix: potential crash on changing subtitles.
  * Fix: potential crash when parsing SAMI subtitles.
  * Fix: crash on exiting while dialogs are open.
  * Fix: subtitle viewer didn't work if it was open before start
  * Fix: crash on reloading subtitle during subtitle viewer is
  * Fix: don't draw subtitles in snapshot when hidden.
  * Fix: popup an error message for error on loading skin.
  * Fix: disable IME on main window.
  * Fix: pixel format mismatch which causes crash or deinterlacing
  * Fix: disc title wasn't restored.
  * Fix: prevent interference from other applications using
  * Fix: keep horizontal scroll bar position on auto scroll in
    subtitle viewer.
  * Fix: currupted font for current caption in subtitle viewer.
  * Fix: prevent bad interfere from MPRIS and QML TimeSlider.
  * Fix: save and restore states of subtitle find dialog and
    subtitle viewer.
  * Fix: show history/playlist after 200ms timeout when mouse
    hovers on edge.
  * Fix: keep 'default' shortcuts for unchanged shortcuts of
  * Fix: display full URL for non-media type URL.
  * Fix: display media name provided by youtube-dl.
  * Fix: Ok/Apply wasn't activated for hwacc codec change.

Thu Feb 12 16:05:18 UTC 2015 -

- Update to 0.9.2:
  * New: new skin 'native' which supports native look & feel.
  * New: display time on mouse position changed over time slider.
  * Fix: chapter marker was not visible in GaN.
  * Fix: some menu checked state was not restored on start up.
  * Fix: set current window style when preferences opended.
  * Fix: restore maximized state from fullscreen.
  * Fix: bring back compatibility for C++14 compiler with non C++14
  * Fix: memory leak in reply for async request.
  * Fix: crash on deselecting subtitle.
  * Fix: couldn't select tracks in paused state.
  * Fix: restore maximized/fullscreen state on start up.
  * Fix: show Close button instead of Cancel in preferences dialog.

Wed Feb 11 06:30:51 UTC 2015 -

- Update to 0.9.1:
  * New: new default skin 'Ardis' designed by Kotus work.
  * New: new skin 'Numix' by varlesh.
  * New: new skin 'one'.
  * New: 'Audio > Equalizer' in menu.
  * New: 'Video > Interpolator/Chroma Upscaler > Advanced...'
    for advanced settings.
  * New: 'Video > Motion Interpolation' and related options.
  * New: 'Play > State' menu to display current playing state.
  * New: 'Play > Seek > To the Beginning' in menu.
  * New: 'Play > Seek > Next Black Frame' menu.
  * New: 'Tool > Log Viewer' in menu.
  * New: journald logging support.
  * New: option to select logging level for journald, stdout,
    stderr, external file.
  * New: option to specify file name format or use temporary file
    for downloaded subtitles.
  * New: option to use precise seeking in 'General > Play' tab of
  * New: option to ignore playback resume switching item in
  * New: use xcb_screensaver_suspend to disable screensaver.
  * New: SubRip subtitle parser works more tolerantly.
  * New: show playlist/history when mouse hovers on the right/left edge.
  * New: external audio file support.
  * New: open DVD by drag-and-drop of 'VIDEO_TS' folder.
  * New: open folder by drag-and-drop.
  * Fix: workaround for gray-out issue within Plasma 5.
  * Fix: couldn't click disc menu.
  * Fix: flush after requet XCB_SCREEN_SAVER_RESET.
  * Fix: crash on audio format change.
  * Fix: crash on reconstruction of audio filter chain during
  * Fix: set screensaver interval for xcb.
  * Fix: set audio client name for PulseAudio.
  * Fix: sort generated playlists numerically.
  * Fix: implement loopStatus for Mpris.
  * Fix: enable 'Ok' and 'Apply' button in preferences only if
    options changed.
  * Fix: keep current row after list modified in SimpleListWidget.
  * Fix: wrong disabling condition of Up/Down button in language
  * Fix: reserve state on reloading(e.g., applying preferences).
  * Fix: check subtitle file format instead of file extension.
  * Fix: closing window didn't work in full screen mode.
  * Fix: aspect ratio and crop ratio didn't apply immediately.
  * Fix: Auto-exit and Auto-shutdown didn't work.
  * Fix: video colour wasn't restored on executed.
  * Fix: don't mix channels for identical input & output channel
  * Fix: handle percent encoding in URL more properly.
  * Fix: missing extension for ifo video file.
  * Fix: wrong playlist position on initial state.

Sun Feb  8 16:29:10 UTC 2015 -

- Initial package.