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Curses-based Ogg, MP3, WMA, and WAV Player

CMus is a small and fast text mode music player for Linux and *BSD. Supported
file formats include FLAC, Ogg, MP3 (via libmad), wav, and all module formats
supported by libmodplug. Included output plugins are ALSA, ARTS, OSS, and
Sun. It can be controlled through a UNIX socket. Background playlist loading
and a metadata cache make loading files very fast. Playqueue, playlist filters
and directory browser. Three playlist views are available: artist/album/track,
shuffle list, and sorted list. There are three play modes: all, artist, album.

Source Files

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cmus-2.7.1.tar.gz 290 KB almost 2 years ago Download File
cmus-rc_ao_default_output_plugin.patch 558 Bytes 4 months ago Download File
cmus.changes 5.13 KB 4 months ago Download File
cmus.desktop 194 Bytes over 6 years ago Download File
cmus.png 10.1 KB over 6 years ago Download File
cmus.spec 9.11 KB 5 days ago Download File

Latest Revision

Olaf Hering Olaf Hering (olh) committed 5 days ago (revision 21)
description, url, aac depends on faad, prove>provides

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